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The following project(s) are in development:

  • Ordinary Angels (feature film): When a soul cries out, the call is heard by ordinary angels...unfortunately.
  • The Women in Pants (documentary series): The series profiles women throughout history who have masqueraded as men to pursue avenues that society would not otherwise allow them to travel.
  • Flipped (drama; feature film): Music top dog MC Busy is riding the wave of success. He finds solace in an unexpected friendship with an associate who brings a sense of calm to his chaotic lifestyle and the necessary amount of yin to his yang. Just as he begins to find balance in his life, his lifestyle comes back to bite him in a suprising way. [Excerpt]
  • Florida Indian Culture (documentary): A look at how the culture of Florida Indians survives in today's fragmented society.
  • Organic Farming Your Way Around The World (documentary series): The series chronicles the lives of three individuals as they explore the world while working as volunteers on organic farms. (Road Rules meets National Geographics)
  • 33 Destiny Drive (drama-comedy; feature film): When a house full of roommates becomes a family, life in the Nation's Capital just isn't so bad, even for single, 30-year-olds. Justice finds her new family a welcomed balance to her struggle to save the world, while Tim struggles to find himself, and Nick and T.J. carve out their niche in the world of broadcasting. [Excerpt]
  • The Up And Comers (drama-comedy; tv series): Three guys, a girl, and a Nation's Capitol. Justice struggles to find her "voice"; Tim struggles to find himself; and Nick and T.J. carve out their niche in the world of broadcasting. (Friends meets West Wing)
  • Heart Attack Diner (black (lung) comedy; feature film): All is well in this sleepy little Florida town until a state constitutional amendment bans smoking in public places. An outraged JoJo's Diner decides to stick it to the man, by encouraging patrons to come to the restaurant and enjoy a good smoke. One by one, the towns folk begin mysteriously disappearing.

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